Located in central Florida serving all of the USA.

Specializing in on site apparel decoration, specifically screen printing & embroidery.

We do all of our printing & embroidery on site so that you know you are not only getting #1 in customer
care you are also assured that our care goes from the office direct to production with the same people.

Espemb also provides both trendy and corporate design work with our graphics design group for the customer who has the ideas and would like to see them put into play. See our office for details.

We at evolutionary screen-printing & embroidery pride ourselves on quality and customer service as
well as quick turn around for our customers without compromising the integrity of our production.

Evolutionary Screen Printing & Embroidery gives the consumer the chance to view apparel
online with the use of our handy apparel link. Simply click the apparel link and view
thousands of choices from hats to tshirts to polos to bags and so on. These blank goods
give you a better idea of how your design for either screen printing or embroidery
should be layed out and or created.

Evolutionary Screen Printing & Embroidery is located in the heartland of Central Florida, Lakeland.
We ship our screen printed and embroidered apparel nationwide. Evolutionary Screen Printing &
Embroidery purchases only the top teer of apparel from the top 5 wholesalers of the USA. We use
only the best in screen printing inks as well as only the best in screen printing equipment, "M&R", to
screen print your goods. We also use only the best in thread and embroidery supplies along with
Tajima multi head embroidery machines for your embroidered goods.

We look forward to your call or email, as we will give you the best in quality, price and customer service.



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